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First thought to have been used by the Romans in the fourth century, Venetian plaster is a natural lime-based plaster wall and ceiling finish applied by specialist artisans in multiple coats, replicating the organic beauty of polished, natural stone.
"There's a strong desire for artisanal craft – where you can see the work 'of the hand' that goes into creating something," says Maryke."
It's strong and durable and easy to maintain – marks are easy to remove with a simple eraser, warm slightly soapy water and a rag or sandpaper. Its environmental credentials are solid as it's an all-natural product with zero volatile organic compounds and the only waste is water used in the process.


5 reasons to use Venetain Plaster in your space...


This Italian polished plaster is highly-durable. The coating of this material transforms into a rock-like substance once it has dried. It has the ability to endure impact and small movements over the years and lasts longer than other paint finishes. Venetian plaster would be a practical option for any home or business.

2. Versatility
Venetian plastering can be easily applied to almost any surface including walls, ceilings, . Pre-existing walls are easily transformed into sophisticated and modern features. This material can also be used to patch old stone, wood, bricks and drywall.
3. Mould and Mildew Prevention
Venetian plastering consists of distinct elements and mineral composition which prevents any growth of fungus and moulds on the wall. This decorative plaster is breathable and dehumidifying as it has the capacity to absorb any water and prevent the accumulation of moisture under the polished finish. The alkalinity of the lime gives Venetian plaster anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties which prevents the survival of mould and mildew
4. Little Maintenance
Venetian plaster requires little maintenance. This decorative lime-based finish is mixed with assorted pigments which lasts for many years without fading. This reduces the need for painting walls. The simplicity and seamless finish of the plaster means it is free from grout and mould build up, compared to tiles, leaving you with less maintenance and easy-to clean homes. Venetian Plaster has got to be one of the easiest surfaces to clean – simply wipe the surface down with a damp cloth and it’s good as new!
5. Environmentally Friendly
Venetian plaster is a finish that is completely natural and it has no chemical additives. Due to it's anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it is mould and mildew resistant. Venetian Plaster is great for bathrooms with poor ventilation and provides enhanced and optimal air quality. It is effective in absorbing carbon dioxide which makes for healthier air and helps to reduce the carbon footprint.
Once the mixture absorbs the carbon dioxide, it turns back into limestone again and the plaster becomes harder over time. You are left with less CO2, and stronger walls! Venetian Plaster adds protection and insulation that helps the wall to remain in good and pristine condition for many years to come. Unlike paint which is chemically produced and leaves a strong lingering smell, Venetian Plaster is pretty much odourless because it’s all natural with ingredients including lime and marble dust. You won’t have to keep doors and windows open for hours or days afterwards to try and clear any toxic smells. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable which means this can be returned to the earth after use.