What does Chaii Living offer?

Chaii Living provides Venetian Plastering, Micro-cementing, and bespoke furniture and displays. Our services span from Byron to Brisbane, catering to a wide array of projects.

What is the difference between Microcement and Venetian Plaster?

Both Venetian plaster and microcement introduce nature-inspired, organic finishes into residential or commercial spaces. Yet, their primary distinction lies in durability. Microcement boasts exceptional durability, making it ideal for high-traffic zones like kitchens, bathrooms, floors, commercial spaces, outdoor areas, and pools. In contrast, Venetian plaster serves as a more aesthetic finish, typically applied in low-traffic areas. Additionally, Venetian plaster offers a traditional, textured finish, while microcement presents a sleek, polished surface. The selection between these options hinges on project needs and individual preferences.

Around how much does a project cost?

Every project is unique, and several cost factors come into play, such as the desired finish style, required coats, product color, and project size. Reach out to us to arrange a complimentary quote tailored to your specific needs.

How do I get started?

We aim to ensure an enjoyable experience throughout! Reach out to us via our social channels, drop us an email, dial our number, or complete an inquiry form here, and let's team up to materialize your ideas, commencing with a no-cost quote!

Are your furniture pieces handmade?

Absolutely, each of our bespoke pieces is meticulously handcrafted by our in-house master craftsman.

Are your pieces made in Australia?

Yes! We are proud to say all our pieces are made in-house from scratch using locally sourced materials where possible based in Northern NSW, Australia. 

Are you pieces durable?

Our bespoke pieces are born from top-tier, premium materials, ensuring enduring strength and durability throughout their lifetime—provided our clients cherish and maintain them. Embodying the essence of functional art, each creation undergoes meticulous sealing and finishing with resilient, long-lasting products. Please click HERE for our care manual. 

Do you offer Afterpay?

Yes we do.

What is our furniture production time?

We begin the production process of all of our pieces upon order placements! So please allow at least 12 weeks for the production of the pieces, plus delivery time. 

Do you provide services outside the Byron to Brisbane region?

While our primary service area spans from Byron to Brisbane, we may consider projects outside this region based on the nature and scope of the project. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific project details.

Can you create custom furniture pieces to fit specific spaces?

Absolutely! Our bespoke furniture service allows us to tailor pieces to suit your space requirements and design preferences. We work closely with clients to create furniture that aligns perfectly with their vision.