YCL x Chaii Living

Chaii Living and the Art of Timeless Luxury: A Venetian Plaster Project at YCL Jewellery's Burleigh Showroom


In the coastal haven of Burleigh, where the waves meet the shore and elegance meets craftsmanship, YCL Jewellery has transformed its showroom into a sanctuary of sophistication. Collaborating with the talented artisans at Chaii Living, the brand embarked on a journey to elevate its space using the ancient art of Venetian plaster. This transformative project fuses tradition with contemporary design, creating a showroom that mirrors the exquisite nature of YCL's jewellery.

Venetian plaster, a technique rooted in history, has adorned the walls of palaces and grand estates for centuries. Comprising slaked lime, marble dust, and natural pigments, it is a medium that transcends time, known for its ability to create a lustrous, marble-like finish. YCL Jewellery recognized the allure of Venetian plaster and, in collaboration with Chaii Living, sought to weave it's luxurious charm into the fabric of their showroom.

Chaii Living, known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, brought a wealth of expertise to the project. The Venetian plaster project at YCL's Burleigh showroom began with a meticulous application of the plaster layers. Chaii Living's artisans carefully blended slaked lime, marble dust, and selected pigments, creating a palette that complements the brand's aesthetic. The result is a surface that not only reflects light beautifully but also offers a unique texture that adds depth and character to the space.

One of the hallmarks of Chaii Living's approach is their commitment to customisation. Understanding that each project is unique, the artisans at Chaii Living worked closely with YCL Jewellery to tailor the Venetian plaster to the specific needs of the showroom. The colour palette, texture, and finish were all meticulously chosen to enhance the ambiance of the space and provide the perfect backdrop for YCL's stunning jewellery collection.

As daylight dances through the Burleigh windows and artificial lighting takes center stage, the Venetian plaster comes to life. The play of light and texture on the showroom walls creates a symphony of visual delights, turning the space into a gallery where every piece of jewellery is showcased with grace and sophistication.

The collaboration between Chaii Living and YCL Jewellery has given birth to a showroom that transcends the ordinary. The Venetian plaster project is not just an enhancement; it's a celebration of the timeless beauty that emerges when craftsmanship and artistry come together. As patrons step into the transformed space, they are welcomed into a world where the walls themselves tell a story of tradition, innovation, and the enduring allure of Venetian plaster. The Burleigh showroom stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability of design to elevate the customer experience to new heights.