The French Folk

A Micro Cement Marvel: Chaii Living's Transformation of Margaux's Space

At Chaii Living, we pride ourselves on being masters of micro cement and Venetian plastering, turning design dreams into reality with our expertise and craftsmanship. When Margaux from "The French Folk" approached us with the challenge of revamping her home's outdated orange tiles, we knew we could weave our magic. Led by our head craftsman, Connor, our team embarked on a journey to infuse Margaux's space with modern sophistication while preserving its timeless charm.

Covering Old Tiles with Micro Cement: Margaux's home posed a unique design conundrum with its aging orange tiles. Leveraging our proficiency in micro cement, we proposed a revolutionary solution: covering the old tiles with this versatile material. By bypassing the need for extensive demolition, we provided Margaux with a fresh canvas for her vision while preserving the integrity of her space. The result? A seamless blend of durability and aesthetic appeal, as the warm hues of micro cement breathed new life into Margaux's home.

Creating an Arch Feature Wall: The entryway into Margaux's main living space presented the perfect opportunity for a statement design element. Under Connor's guidance, our team crafted an arch feature wall that not only captivated the eye but also harmonized with the surrounding ambiance. Drawing inspiration from Margaux's French heritage, we sculpted the arch with meticulous precision, infusing it with understated elegance and timeless allure. The result was a breathtaking focal point that welcomed guests into Margaux's world with grace and sophistication.

Transforming the Stairs with Light Beige Micro Cement: One of the most striking transformations achieved by Chaii Living was the revival of Margaux's staircase. Once adorned with worn orange tiles, the stairs now exude contemporary elegance, thanks to the application of light beige micro cement. Led by Connor's expertise, our team seamlessly integrated this subtle yet impactful change, harmonizing it with the overall aesthetic of the space. With each step, Margaux and her guests are treated to a tactile and visual delight, courtesy of our meticulous craftsmanship.

Celebrating the Before and After: At Chaii Living, we believe in showcasing the transformative power of our work. Visit our Instagram page to witness the before-and-after shots of Margaux's space, where the evolution from faded orange tiles to modern micro cement marvels is on full display. From outdated to outstanding, the journey is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations.

In the hands of micro cement and Venetian plastering experts like us at Chaii Living, design challenges become opportunities for innovation and transformation. Led by our head craftsman, Connor, we've breathed new life into Margaux's space, infusing it with modern elegance while honoring its timeless charm. As Margaux revels in her revitalized home, she stands as a testament to the enduring magic of design—a magic that we at Chaii Living continue to wield with unmatched skill and creativity.